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Who are Gandi?

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Gandi are one of the world’s leading registry service providers, Gandi provides a registry services, distribution for new TLDs, ccTLDs and SLDs.

Gandi use an in-house developed IT platform to provide their own portfolio of twenty-four domain names including .uk.com, .us.com and .cn.com to a worldwide network of more than one thousand five hundred registrars which sell these to end-users. They also sell domain names owned by third parties including .la for Los Angeles, .pw and .com.de (Germany), fi ( Finland ).

Gandi’s Transfer Process

Gandi manage a handful of second-level domains, including .UK.COM, .UK.NET, .GB.COM & .EU.COM. The Gandi transfer process is very similar to the TLD (.COM etc) transfer process.

  1. Go to your existing provider and check that your domain is unlocked. Not all providers give this option, and many domains are unlocked by default.
  2. Obtain the ‘authorisation code’ from your existing provider. This will be an alphanumeric string of characters and works like a secret password.
  3. Place your order with us. This will send an email to the admin contact to approve the transfer and enter the Authcode.

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