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Transferring in a domain name

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For TLDs (.COM, .NET, etc.)

Most domain names will fall under this category and there are several steps you would need to take in order to secure the move of your domain from the losing registrar to us. 

  1. Go to your existing provider and unlock the domain name. A lock stops a domain from transferring, so for the transfer to initiate it needs to be unlocked.
  2. Make sure that you are the domain administrative contact. As part of the transfer, we will email the domain administrative contact, and so you need to be able to receive those emails. This usually appears under ‘domain contact information’, and you check what the email is by doing a whois lookup. Enter your domain here to check what your domain administrative contact is.
  3. If you have domain privacy enabled, you will also need to disable privacy protection in order to transfer your domain. You can re-enable this with us once the domain transfer completes.
  4. Get the Authorisation or EPP Code from the current provider. This is usually an alphanumeric string of random characters and works like a password. You will need to enter this into the form we send to the admin contact, as it verifies who you are.
  5. If you have not already placed the order on our website, you can do this now. If the order was placed earlier, you can resend the verification email to the admin contact through our control panel.
  6. We will now send the email to the domain admin contact asking for you to enter the code. Once you enter that code the domain will go for processing and complete within 7 days.
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