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Premium Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV SSL)

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EV SSL Certificates are validated to the highest degree to provide consumer confidence in the identity of the web site operator. If you are taking orders online, you need to get the green bar with EV SSL. Customers will receive the green bar as a striking trust indicator in the web browser, and you will see fewer abandoned shopping carts and more conversions.

Every EV Premium SSL Certificate includes a dynamic security site seal to give your customers confidence in your identity and feel safe in doing business with you.

EV SSL certificates are at the forefront of a new online security initiative. EV certificates enable secure connections, establish business identities, and assist in preventing fraud through a rigorous set of checks and validations previously unmatched with regular SSL certificate processes. The Premium Extended Validation SSL Certificate features 256-Bit encryption.

Once ordered, we’ll install the certificate for you.

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