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How to transfer your domain name from GoDaddy

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This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to transfer an existing .com domain from GoDaddy to your WeHost account.

Note: Before you begin your seamless transfer to WeHost there are a few steps you need to take with GoDaddy in order to prepare your domain for transfer.

Unlocking Your Domain Name

1. Sign into your main GoDaddy account

2. Once you’ve signed in select the Launch button located in the domains table

3. When you reach the domain manager, tick the box next to the domain you wish to transfer, then select the Locking Icon

4. Un-tick the Lock Domain(s) box in the pop-up and select OK. This will then unlock your domain names (The process may take a few minutes to come into affect)

Confirm The Admin Contact

1. When you order the transfer of a .com domain name the admin contact will get an email to verify the domain ownership. With the domain you are transferring selected click on the Contact icon and then select Set Contacts

2. In the pop-up menu select Administrator and then confirm your contact details. Click OK to save the changes you have made.

Retrieve Auth Code

1. To transfer a .com domain you need to confirm your ownership of the domain. This is done via an Auth code (sometimes called an EPP code) which GoDaddy will email you on request. To retrieve your Auth code click the domain name you are transferring, then on the following page click Send by Email under the domain information table

Order Your Domain Transfer To WeHost

1. To complete the transfer place your domain transfer to WeHost by visiting the Transfer Domains Page. Enter your domain in the Transfer Existing Domain box and click Transfer. Follow and complete the 4 stage checkout process

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