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How do I remotely access my database?

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Sometimes you may want to an access a database remotely, for example from your home computer (using software such as Navicat) or from another website. While we do not officially support using our systems as a database platform (it is there to host websites), you can allow a remote host to connect to your database.

Step 1: Login & Navigate to Databases

Log in to your cPanel account and click on the Remote MySQL icon under the Databases tab.

Step 2: Remote Database Access Hosts

Enter the IP address or domain into the Host text box and click Add Host. Note: If you are connecting from your PC, this should be your local IP address

Step 3: Access Hosts

You will now be able to see the IP address in the Access Hosts table.

Please note that we do not allow wildcard hosts access. It is a security vulnerability and we do not allow it. You need to enter in the full IP address

Step 4: Access Hosts Table

There is an option in the Access Hosts table to remove the IP address/domain from remotely accessing the database. To remove the IP address/domain just click on the X icon.

Step 6: Remove Access Host

To completely remove the IP address/domain click on the Remove Access Host button.

In order to connect remotely, you can use your domain name, or the server IP address. The port would be 3306 (the default)

You need to authenticate with the username and password shown under the MySQL Databases page. 

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