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How do I add extra domains to my cPanel hosting?

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All WeHost hosting packages are capable of hosting more than one website. To add an additional domain (site) to your account, please follow the following steps:-

  • If the domain is not yet registered, you can register the domain name through wwebhost.com/portal.
    If you register the domain name through us, the nameservers will already be set to point to us so you won’t need to make any modifications there. If the domain is already registered elsewhere, you’ll need to set the nameservers to:

    Default DNS server:
    Nameserver 1: dns1.wwebhost.com
    Nameserver 2: dns2.wwebhost.com

    cPanel DNS:
    Nameserver 1: ns1.wwebhost.com
    Nameserver 2: ns2.wwebhost.com
  • Log-in to your cPanel. You can do this by going to the client area (https://wwebhost.com/portal) clicking ‘Products’ -> ‘My Products’, clicking on your hosting account and then on the next page click the button that says ‘Log-in to cPanel’. Our panel gives you the ability to control some of cPanel features straight via client area.
  • Once you have logged in to cPanel, look for the icon that says Addon Domains.
  • You’ll then need to enter some information about the domain name. Specify the domain name, and the folder where that site’s files will also be located. The system will automatically create an FTP user for you with that username and password that only has access to the new domain’s folder. You can also just use your main cPanel FTP details to upload files as well.

Just click Add Domain to complete the process once you have filled all the boxes.

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