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PHP is a server-side scripting language that is now used for general use and especially in website development.

A lot of websites these days use PHP, such as any websites using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal CMSs.

Furthermore, as with any software, app or programming language, it is imperative to keep this up to date, but how do you know which is the latest version? And what are the perks of upgrading?

This guide should help with some basic knowledge of PHP with some great resources you can use to get some more information.

Unsupported PHP versions


The above page lists the ‘end of life’ of each of those versions.

The ‘end of life’ is essentially when the version in question will no longer be ‘supported’, meaning that after this date security updates will no longer be rolled out for this version, making it a potential security risk.

Our hosting offers versions 5.6 – 7.3 on most of our servers.

Supported PHP versions


The above page lists all of the currently supported PHP versions.

You can see that some of these are coming close to being unsupported.

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