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With GDPR being an integral part of the way we handle personal information within the EU we have created this FAQ as part of our preparation. We hope it would answer most of your questions and are always available to address any other ones you might have.

Will my site/business be compliant if hosted with you?

We cannot guarantee that your website will be compliant, as it would depend on the steps you have taken to ensure that.

Where is our data stored?

Our datacenter in Helsinki (FI) and has:

All of our Shared Hosting servers. The majority of our VPSs & Dedicated Servers. All of our customer’s details.

Our all type of SSLs are issued by GoGetSSL. Their GDPR policy can be viewed here.

Does a website need an SSL to be GDPR compliant?

Should a website have any of the below, they would require an SSL to be fully compliant, however, that is the customer’s responsibility and we can only make recommendations. Contact Forms Area for logging in Subscription forms Order Processing

How physically secure are your data centres?

Data centres we have built in a secure network infrastructure and do not rely on third-party solution. Our data centres are staffed 24 hours a day every day of the year, with ultra-strict access control, extensive CCTV coverage, and online firewall protection.

What are you doing to ensure WeHost will be compliant?

We welcome the changes as another step towards maintaining the privacy of our customers, and are working on different new features which will provide you the option to control a lot of the aspects of the data you have with us, including cookies, contact preferences and personal data export and deletion. We store data as needed to manage and run your account, including for accounting, product configuration, and other reasons.

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