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Email Delivery Routes

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This feature allows you to view how the mail server will treat a message when sending to or delivering to a specific address. If you enter an address on the server, it shows how the mail server will deliver mail to that address. If you enter an address that exists somewhere other than this server, it will show how the mail server will attempt to send mail to that address.

To find Email Delivery Route:

1.  Login to your cPanel Account.

2.  From the CPanel Home Page click on Email Delivery Route link or icon under the Mail panel.

The Email Delivery Route page opens.

3.  Enter an email address whose delivery path you wish to see, in the specified text box and click on Show Route button.

It will show you the route, the email takes as it is sent to your specified address with the MX numbers along with the IP addresses.

4.  Click Go back to go back to the Email Delivery Route Page.

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