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Changing MX Entries

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The MX Entry Maintenance function is use to change the destination of a domain’s email delivery. This function allows you to have the email from one domain delivered
to another domain. Changing MX entry will change your sites DNS Record for MX.

To change MX Entry

1.  Login to your cPanel Account.

2.  From the cPanel Home Page click on MX Entry  icon under Mail Panel.

The MX Entry Maintenance page opens.

3.  Select the Domain for which you want to set the MX Entry from Drop down menu and set the priority level by entering a value in the Priority field.

4.  Click on the Change button.

Note: Check the box to receive mail locally even if the Primary MX does not point to this server. You must ensure to enter a fully qualified domain name as the MX destination.

5.  You can review the current MX entries and under Current MX Entries.

6.  Click on Set to yes button to set the Domain MX entry as Always Accept.

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